‘Images layed in stacks’ (i) Paintings (ii) Installations (iii) Events, ٩(^◡^)۶ 

Hello Girlies



The total amount of the exhibition space in m² is divided by five,
The outcome of the division gives the number of TVs displayed in the space,
For each television stand a local domestic TV stand is sourced,
Each TV is placed on one stand and is different from each other,  
Each TV uses it’s own audio speaker,
All TV stands are connected to the same electricity outlet, exposing all necessary cables and power outlets including remote speakers and media players,
The media sculptures shall never face all in the same direction or be uniformly arranged,
For each TV screen a slideshow is displayed taken from the “Image, Affect, Series” and arranged by random to a single TV sculpture and played on loop,
Each slideshow is in the cinema format 16:9 and never cropping the photograph, but used with black side bars,
Each video slideshow is synchronised to a song dedicated to the space,
Only one sound is audible at the time, building a sound score of one media playing after each other, the rest are silently looped,

images layered in stacks