‘Images layed in stacks’ (i) Paintings (ii) Installations (iii) Events, ٩(^◡^)۶ 

 Everyone leaves you in the end



A commercial flower stand is placed in the centre of the room taking up at least 1/4 of the room,  
The flowers are the first thing to see when entering the room,
Each flower bouquet is sourced from local supermarkets within a five km radius of the exhibition venue, and shall not be unwrapped including all branding, prices and tags,
The flower stand has at least five different bouquet types included,
The stand is only filled at 90% capacity,
Flower bouquets must be exchanged before wilting,
The walls, ceiling and floor have the same colour,
Suspended light strips are placed above the flower stands centring the flowers in the space,
A glass front including a door is placed opposite the flower stand, inside the door lock is a key, with a friendship, family or love themed tourist charm,
Speakers are installed invisible or suspended from the ceiling,
Playing music score by Liam McCay alternating between his artist pseudonym ‘Take Care’ and the song ‘Think of me once in a while’ and artist pseudonym ‘sign crushes motorist’ with the song ‘Amare’,
The song alternation is irregular timed

images layered in stacks