‘Images layed in stacks’ (i) Paintings (ii) Installations (iii) Events, ٩(^◡^)۶ 

An Email Thread of Confusion



Four office chairs that have a small table integrated are placed in the room,
Three of the office chairs are locked together with a silver bike lock, the key will stay in the locks,
On each of the chairs one sticker is being glued on, One sticker should have three random comments from the q-anon website noted down in black felt tip pen, One sticker should paint over the sticker in the same colour as the office chair fabric, One sticker should say: ‘See you in hell’ including illustrations of flames, One sticker should say: “ everything is fake”, One additional chair shall have a label made with a label maker in all caps: ‘ THE POWER-iMAGE + POOR IMAGE + RICH IMAGE + DISTRIBUTION CONTROL’, sticked to the frame,
opposite the office chairs, a grey painted bench is placed,
20 clear plastic boxes are placed in the room all filled with white packaging filling, and a sticker placed in-front, each plastic box using the following labels,
Box 1 One  grinch costume is placed inside,
Box 2 Yellow crocs are placed inside,
Box 3 Miscellaneous papers from someones office are placed, 
Box 4 Christmas decorations are placed inside,
Box 5 One hoodie with a print form the artist selfie is placed,
Box 6 miscellaneous laptop chargers and keyboard,
Box 7 One Magazine with the artist Saint Laurent Campaign, a current issue of art forum, a sheet of children stickers ,
Box 8 One trench coat in purple,
Box 9 One table cloth in grey,
Box 10 One notebook in a bright colour,
Box 11   4 budget frames in A4 stacked on top of each other brand new, still wrapped in original packaging ,
Box 12 One paper Marche mask of  the person curating the show, painted white,
Box 13 One mug and water bottle with the artist selfie placed,
Box 14 3 pieces of vintage clothes including the collars blue, pink, yellow, green, white, black and red,
Box 15 Two iPhone 6,
Box 16 One plastic apple ,
Box 17  One Invoice from Ana Viktoria Dzinic to Balenciaga for 1000 EUR,
Box 18 A pile of illustrations created by the curator, the illustrations to be folded and unfolded to make them look used,
Box 19  One pair of real or fake  Balenciaga Triple S sneakers,
Box 20 One sealed plastic bag filled with a blond real human hair,
Opposite the stacked boxes in four rows there are two televisions placed on two plinths,
The two televisions play alternating the video: Worldwideweb.iNews, so fash and worldwideweb.iNews, so smart
The audio is playing in the entire room from the television screens,
Two paintings from: Real, Economy, Vital, Ana Vik are placed facing the wall

images layered in stacks