Work Cycle 

Images, media, and reproduction are the key factors in the current climate of singular identities. This blurring nexus between truths and lies create a swamp of noise, leading to collaged identities of semiotic curation, almost impossible to decipher. Worldwideweb.iNews 00B is an installation presenting the institutions and platforms that claim truth and realities such s or forensic architecture and comparing their aesthetic feel and narration while declaring and arguing for a new form of image: The Power-iMage. The analysis is based on the online proxy identity @ana_vik, a live-action role-play from 2017- 2020 displaying the artist using the Power-iMage. In the installation, the performance artefacts of the character @ana_vik such as shoes, phones, sketches, or party wristbands are displayed in transparent archive boxes. This case is narrated by two versions of the imagined platform worldwideweb.iNews, in form of two audio pieces and two seating sculptures.

Worldwideweb.iNews 00A: so fash is a single channel film mimicking conspiratorial and homemade films often distributed on YouTube, and embedded on websites such as or Reddit. The film that is part of the installation worldwideweb.iNews 00A schizophrenically patches evidence, info, and imagery together to make a case for the manipulation of a new type of weapon used online. The film is narrated by a husky voice-over and includes dramatic editing, in a homemade non-institutional poor quality tone trying to convince the viewer of online misinformation simply and entertainingly.

Worldwideweb.iNews 00A: so smart is a single channel film mimicking forensic, documentary, and evidence-based films, commonly shared and discussed within small intellectual audiences. The film that is part of the installation worldwideweb.iNews 00A densely and mechanically explains a case of a person using pixilated imagery to gain capital power and their reasons behind such activities. The video which displays and argues its research by tools of interviews, statistics, and textual analysis guides through a chronicle mapping of what has happened


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