Work Cycle 

A photographic print in black and white is a symbol relevant and capable of uniting the most classic and the most trend sensitive image creation. Often adopted by amateur image makers, contemporary picture production tools make the desaturation of colour more of a filter, a contrived effect that can be applied at any moment.  Spontaneity aside, the black and white image as a simple gesture of sophistication, infiltrated the realm of party, corporate, modernist, indie and emotional photography. Yet these pictorial worlds now read as cringe against the type of image production that is necessary to create something intelligent and bespoke - much like the way people chose to wear black, a lazy fashion that gesturally (rather than actually) relates to codes of the cool, sad, corporate and rebellious. Dzinic approaches this nonchalance by taking her friends black clothing items and dumping them in a room amongst images clearly artificial in their lack of colour. The joke of the intellect reaches its punchline via the installation's soundtrack - piano renderings of pop songs with a catalogue reaching from The Rolling Stones to Olivia Rodrigo - played out of a CD boom box. Everything is instantly styled as retro. The infrastructure needed to create images of meaning are passively boxed and used by the artist as decoration.Cables, chairs, bags and chargers are used merely as decoration, sitting in the room.


© Studio Ana Viktoria Dzinic