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Studio Ana Viktoria Dzinic operates as a London-based artistic practice, primarily concerned with mapping, understanding and contextualising user-generated content in a post-photographic landscape. Visually, these concepts are imagined as factional narratives using consumer technology in artistic installations, images and books.

Outside of the fine art context, the studio has acted as primary consultant for the fashion brand Balenciaga, leading the conceptual development of their global social media content.

Recent and upcoming exhibitions include Emalin (London, UK, 2023), Entrance Gallery (New York City, 2022), Copeland Galleries X Art Tree Museum Bejing (London, UK, 2022), Bye Bye Gallery (London, UK, 2022), Saatchi Gallery (London, UK, 2021), and Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Show (London, UK, 2021). Dzinic's upcoming artist publications include ‘Weder Fisch Noch Fleisch - Not Fish Not Meat’ (2023) and ‘The Loss of Information and Sense’ (2022), both published with Jungle Books.


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Ana Viktoria Dzinic, Director

Ana Viktoria Dzinic (b. 1994, Schwelm, Germany) is a London-based artist and the founder of Studio Ana Viktoria Dzinic. Since an early age, Dzinic has been motivated by concepts of image, subjectivity and symbolic circulation, particularly in relation to her own status as a migrant, transgender woman in working class Switzerland. This disparity between self-image, physical body reality and cultural belonging formed a deep fascination with semiotics, inspiring Dzinic to pursue work that explores the slippages and contradictions around identity.

Ana Viktoria Dzinic completed her MFA Fine Arts Degree in 2021 at Goldsmiths University London following a BA in Fashion Media at the University of the Arts London in 2019.

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Erin Walsh, Studio Coordinator

Erin Walsh (b. 1996) is a London-based creative. She studied Art History and Photography at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. Since moving back to London, she has worked at Cardi Gallery and Cob Gallery, respectively.

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Zac Klein, Communciation Consultant

Zac Klein (1998) is a London-based communications and creative consultant. His academic background in the disciplines of art history and finance are applied in unique ways to projects in fashion, art and related industries. After migrating from Australia, he has joined the team at dunhill working across digital strategy and public relations. He also works freelance for brands such as Balenciaga, collaborating on stills and video content for social media.

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Jan Berger, Emma Alvin,  Zac Klein, Yan Kumran, Tosia Leniarska, Coumba Samba,  Daisy Sanchez, Antoin Sharky, Scribble 229, Henry Rausch, Moritz Tibes, Juri Troemmel, Lucie Touroul.

Aaron Esh, Balenciaga (Exclusive), Mythical Insitution, System Magazine, Symonds Permain, Jungle Books


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